Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My go-to list

You guys! Fall is here! It's really, really here!

I was thinking today about my go-to list, the things in my life where I don't have to make decisions, I just know what it is that I'll choose. Some people might call me predictable, but I'd rather call myself saved from decision exhaustion (when we waste a bunch of time trying to decide between too many options). There is a time and a place to try new things, but there are also those times when you need an easy answer.  I have no time for waffling in front of a barista, I just want my double americano. Do you have a list like this? No? Then you need one.

I thought I'd share a few things from my go-to list:

Coffee: The darkest roast available, preferably in the form of an americano
Tea: Earl Grey with milk
Wine: Chianti
Citrus fruit: Pink grapefruit
Vegetable: Brussel sprouts
Chocolate chip cookie recipe: Smitten Kitchen's Favourite Chococolate Chip Cookie
Comfort food: Macaroni and Cheese 
Easy dinner: Roast chicken

Happy place book I read again and again: The Mists of Avalon
Magazine: Bon Appetit 
Cookbook: Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics
Food blog for baking: Joy the Baker
Food blog for whole foods cooking: My New Roots
Blog that inspires my writing: Sweet Amandine
Blog for inspiration: Rachel W. Cole

Moisturizer: Coconut oil
Self-care: 90 minute massage
Journal: Moleskin (I currently have this colour)
Netflix obsession: Re-watching Grey's Anatomy
Way to spend a free Sunday: Farmer's market, brunch, park, nap, dinner at home.
Flowers: Daisies

Care to share your own list? What things do you instinctively reach for when it comes to making a decision?

Be well!

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