Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Wow. Writing about my experiences with depression and anxiety was a good thing. Of course I worried that I'd shared too much, but something told me otherwise. Maybe that something was the hope that someone would hear me and say, yes, that's me, too. It turns out that something was right.

So many people have reached out in the past few days. I can't even begin to describe what that feels like. But I'll try: You are all good people. I am grateful for your shared stories and your shoulders to lean on, long-distance as they might be. I am sad because some of you feel the same way. I am inspired that some of you have chosen to deal with own depression, in part because you read my post. I am a bit wobbly from the realization that more than my mother and best friend read what I write here each week. I am encouraged to stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, against the shame so many of us feel when our lives don't run smoothly. I am here, for the long haul, so pull up a chair.

Things are changing around here, and while I'm not sure what shapes will form, I know I'm headed in a good direction. I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis, but underneath that I know there is strength. I think that's what I've forgotten all along. I'm still there, underneath all the details. Thanks for helping me remember.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Be well!


  1. Check out Brene Brown on TED her video on shame, which equates vulnerability not with weakness as we all assume, but with COURAGE. That's what you've truly displayed by sharing that post, and this one, and all of them. I just ordered her bok, Daring Greatly, and also feel wobbly about facing shame and admitting to vulnerability!

  2. If you learn to be friends with yourself, you can't ever be alone.